Kind Words

"Nice Tone!" - Al Di Meola

"Steve Marchena is a Master of all genres"- Ortega Guitars 

“Steve Marchena is a GREAT example of my definition of a great musician”- Jon Finn, The Boston Symphony Orchestra 

"Marchena’s classical guitar pieces are capable of bringing the audience to tears"- Corinne Costantino, CBS Boston 

“Steve Marchena is what happens when Eddie Van Halen meets up with Andres Segovia”- Omelette, WKLT 

“can conjure a sweet choir of angels or rip into the strings with the percussive fervor of a jazz drummer”- Karen Campbell, Boston Globe 

“Marchena has been put in the “guitar god” category by those who have been out to see his shows”- Rick Coates, Northern Express

“Marchena was so terrific in every genre... he mesmerized the audience”- Cabaret Hotline, NYC 

“Hypaspace’s amazingly adept guitar screamed out... unique sound and raw talent”- Stacia Waraska, Northeast Performer Magazine 

“Marchena’s blazing guitar and perfect rhythm playing are nothing less than stunning”- Pat Keating, Insite Boston 

“Steve has incredible energy for playing in front of a live audience”- Robert Knox, The Boston Globe 

"Steve Marchena puts on a display of classical skill that will leave your jaws on the floor."- Mike Higgins, Guitar Talk


Northern Express

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